The sari supports the livelihood of a million weavers, printers, dyers and more. Contemporary aspiration and the forces of globalization offer an energizing challenge.

The Sari School has been set up since 2009 to promote the usage, understanding, survival & recreation of the unstitched garment. It is an educational initiative to celebrate the unstitched garment.

A comprehensive course organized by appointment. The course includes:
- 30 minute introductory audio-visual.
- An introduction to regional variations in weaving styles: North/ South / East/ West
- Materials, spinning &weaving techniques.
- At least 4 select wearing styles from a 108 available will be taught in practice in every session representing the regional variations. We also organize demo workshop for large groups of up to thousand members in the audience.
- Learn the basics so you can re-invent the garment.


Taanbaan as advisors collaborated with Border &Fall for the making of 82 short films on sari
wearing styles now available on you-tube shot & directed by Bon Duke in New York.
Taanbaan also trained the models & loaned select saris from its collection for the films. This
was an attempt to widen the outreach & to help interested individuals & groups to access
more easily the sari wearing styles with their unlimited variations.

No. 73 Saurashtra Katt Drape - Tamil Nadu, India (back)
No. 69 Kachha Variation 1 Drape - Orissa, India

The Sari Dance Theatre   


In collaboration with The Daksha Sheth Dance Company/Taanbaan has developed a dance theater production titled ‘Sari’, a tribute to the process of turning by hand, raw material into a wondrous woven unstitched garment. With live music especially composed by Devisaro & choreographed by Daksha Sheth for a one & half hour performance culminating in the sari’s transformation from a two dimensional woven fabric to a three dimensional draped garment in accordance with select wearing styles out of the recorded 108 available. In India it had shows in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata as well as abroad in Sydney, Paris, London, Brussels at times accompanied by an exhibition & workshops by Taanbaan. There have also been shows with recorded music & shorter versions of ‘Sari’ at several other venues by hosts which include corporate houses, banks & other institutions.