•  Received award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Arts, Crafts &Culture’ from the Chamber of Commerce & industry in 2000.

  • Co-author with Martand Singh & Rahul Jain for ‘Handcrafted Indian Textiles- Tradition & Beyond’ published 2000 by Roli Books based on a hundred & forty textiles from the Visvakarma Exhibitions.

  •   Developed a concept proposal and design for the textile exhibit on ‘The Silk Road – on the mall’, held in Washington-June 2002.

  •  Contributed to the ‘clothing + textile exhibit’ in the ‘Basic needs’ theme pavilion, World Expo, Hannover, Germany. June 2004.

  • Prepared & curated collaborative textile collection in 2012 for a Design Reference Collection of Odisha Handlooms’ with 4 designers which include Rajesh Pratap Singh, Abraham & Thakore, Bibhu Mohapatra & Anjali Kalia-160 designs in 3 color ways each from 5different regions in Odisha.

  • Taanbaan saris accompanied by a lecture demonstration presented at the Victoria & Albert Museum 2012.

  • Invited in 2013 to participate in Europalia in a European Union exhibitions sponsored by EU &ICCR in Belgium showcasing a commissioned  set of 36 saris representing the finest hand-spinning/weaving techniques representing the classical tradition  the contemporary exploration in the same technique. Sari workshops were also held parallel to the exhibition.

       The exhibition travelled to Spain & other European countries as well as South Africa, Cyprus, Jordan & is still continues to travel as               part of the ICCR programs in various parts of the world.

  •  Featured as the main lead in the NDTV produced documentary film ‘30 minutes’ directed by Radhika Bordia on the ‘Weaving Tradition of Chanderi’.

  • Taanbaan sari presented at the Museum of Modern Art NY as part of the exhibition ‘Is Fashion Modern’ in 2017.