• Taanbaan with the idea of providing further impetus & energy hopes to interact & pass on through various platforms to the future generation, the philosophy, knowledge base & know how in order to sustain the design, production & marketing of this unique range of products now undertaken in collaboration with Blue Lotus.


Induction Scheme


  • Taanbaan supported the idea to initiate a bonus scheme for spinners & weavers who can reintroduce those who have left these vocations & joined the general deskilled labour market. The beneficiaries are likely to be both those who will reintroduce & those who are reintroduced into this vocation.   

Rehab Programme


  • In an effort to widen the base of handspun-handlooms & also to bridge the ever widening gap between the well to do & those who have no opportunities for meaningful employment, Taanbaan has proposed a rehab program of 1 year for the urban/rural poor especially people reduced to begging in the streets who will be involved through a food for work programme & trained in hand spinning, weaving & stitching of cotton, silk tussar & eri fabrics. They will thereafter be rehabilitated in their respective villages & their production supported by design & quality supervision by a state team with its central counterparts.


  • It is also a means of building a future in which India could perhaps be the only country that could retain a space & relevance for hand skills in low tech areas.